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 Cookie Policy

This website uses cookies, which are small data files that a website may store on your computer or mobile device when you visit it, to:

  1. personalize content and ads,
  2. provide social media features,
  3. analyze traffic,
  4. help improve page performance.


Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website and therefore are always enabled. Cookies have numerous different uses, such as:

  1. allowing you to navigate efficiently between pages,
  2. saving your preferences,
  3. enhancing your user experience on a website,
  4. making the interaction between you and the website faster and easier.


The website also presents advertising cookies (from third parties/partners) that are used to collect information to better tailor advertising to your interests, both on and off sites. In some cases, these cookies involve the processing of your personal data which is your responsibility. Thus, Third Parties, including Facebook and Advertisers, use cookies, PIXEL, and other storage technologies to collect or receive information from this Blog and in order to use this information to provide measurement services and targeted advertising.

Non-personalized ads are targeted using contextual information instead of a user's past behavior. While these ads do not use cookies for ad personalization, they use cookies to enable frequency capping, aggregate ad reporting, and combat fraud and abuse.


If you prefer, it is possible to block all or only some cookies, or even delete cookies that have already been set; but you should consider that you may lose some functions of this Blog, such as identifying you or recognizing previously set options.

You can disable your cookies in your browser options or by making changes in Anti-Virus program tools, thereby altering navigability. Also, read the cookie policy.

You can refuse the collection and use of information for ad targeting, including by accessing a mechanism to opt-out, for example, and whose functionalities are the responsibility of the owners.


The website may also share information from users who access it with our social media, advertising, and analytics partners. They may combine this information with that collected by them or provided by you when using the services of these partners.

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