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Sermon About Repentance: Radical transformation

Sermon About Repentance: Radical transformation

Radical transformation, fundamental turn around, total change in attitude inwardly and outwardly Ac2:38; 9:1-2 cf 20-21

Repent is a good word and conveys the right sense sinners should have before God.

The Importance Of Repentance In The Bible

Repentance is not just about changing your behavior. 

Regret and Grief Over Sin

At the very heart of repentance is the resolve to change one’s mind and will

Proverbs 28:13; 1 Peter 4:2

Be humble, pray, seek, and turn away (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Get yourself a new heart (Ezekiel 18:31).

Be transformed by renewing your mind (Romans 12:2).

Repentance means turning away from sin and returning to God. The Bible says that we must repent before God will forgive us for our sins.

Seeing yourself as a sinner before God, you are lost, you are in need of grace. That ought to be transforming to your minds and bodies and send you in a different direction.

Repentance Is About Changing Your Heart.

Repentance is an act of the heart. It is more than simply changing your behavior. It involves a change in attitude toward God and others.

Repent is not a one time action. Should be habitual. If you don’t meet regularly with God, you won’t see yourself as you truly are apart from Christ.

Repentance is A Change of Mind Luke 15:17-20

A Change in Lifestyle

Ezekiel 18:21-22

If no change

in action,

then no real

Repentance Is important

Repentance is one of the most important aspects of Christianity. It is a key part of our relationship with God. We must repent when we sin against him. This means that we need to turn away from our sins and seek forgiveness.

Repentance Is A Choice.

Repentance is an act of turning away from sin and seeking forgiveness. It is a choice. You do not have to feel guilty or ashamed because you made a mistake. If you truly believe that Jesus died for your sins, then you should be able to forgive 

Fruits worthy of repentance – Matthew 3:7-9; Luke 3:8

Zacchaeus – Luke 19:8

The Philippian jailor – Acts 16:33

Sermon About Repentance: Radical transformation

Repentance Is An Act Of Faith.

Repentance is one of the first things God asks us to do when we turn to Him. He wants us to turn away from our sinful ways and seek His forgiveness. This is why repentance is so important. We need to repent before God forgives us.

Repentance Is More Than Saying You're Sorry.

Repentance is more than saying you're sorry. It's about turning away from sin and seeking God's forgiveness.

The first step TO repentance – Luke 15:17; Psalm 51:1-4; Jeremiah 3:13,14; Acts 2:37,38; James 4:17

How can we repent of sin that we refuse to acknowledge – Acts 17:30,31

Acknowledging Sin

Remorse, in and of itself, is not repentance. But it is necessary TO repentance. 2 Corinthians 7:9-10

Sermon About The Holiness of God: Principeles of holiness

Sermon About Holiness of God: Principeles of holiness

What does holiness mean? Is it something we should strive for or avoid? 

What does holiness mean? It means being set apart by God. Holiness is an important part of our Christian faith. We're called to live holy lives in order to please God.

What is Holiness?

God is holy – as He who called you is holy. This seems to be self evident truth that God is holy, that we cannot see Him shows that He is separate from ourselves

Also Is 6:3 and Rev 4:8, Isaiah’s response links the idea of cleanness/purity w holy

Holiness is one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22). Holiness is not just a religious concept; it's also a moral quality. In other words, holiness is what makes us different from others. It's how we treat people, especially those who are weaker than us.

1. Peter tells me to Accept the PRINCIPLES of holiness I Peter 1:13-18

Be sober-minded which means to be free from the influence of intoxicants. Look at things wisely. Prepare our minds for action.

There are several reasons why we should seek holiness. First, holiness helps us become more like Jesus Christ. Second, holiness helps us live as Christians. Third, holiness helps us serve our fellow believers. Fourth, holiness helps us love God with all our hearts. Fifth, holiness helps us obey God's commandments. Sixth, holiness helps us make wise decisions. Seventh, holiness helps us overcome temptation.

What Does Holiness Look Like?

Command to be holy – you also be holy in all your conduct as written Lev 11:44, 19:2, 20:7

Holiness means being set apart by God. It means living according to God's will. It means walking in obedience to God's commands. It means loving God above everything else. It means serving others. It means not sinning against God. It means doing good deeds. It means having a pure mind. 

2. Peter tells me to Apply the PROGRAM for holiness I Peter 1:14-17, 22

He talks a lot about our conduct. Don’t be fooled by the enticing things of the world.

How Can I Be More Holy?

If you're looking for ways to become more holy, there are several things you can do. First, pray regularly. Second, read Scripture. Third, spend time with other believers. Fourth, serve others. Fifth, live a life of purity. Sixth, love God. Seventh, love people. Eighth, forgive others. Ninth, keep yourself clean. Tenth, walk in humility. And finally, seek God's face.

Sermon About The Holiness of God: Principeles of holiness

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3. Peter tells me to Appreciate the PROVIDER of holiness I Peter 1:19-25

Made holy by His Blood. Made holy by His Word

The Love of God Should Motivate You To Holy Living 18-21. Motivation – the price God paid to redeem you = the love of God for you

Redeem – buy back – price of a slave Lv 25:25, 48-49

God did not redeem U with corruptible things like Ag or Au from your life

God redeemed U with the precious blood of Christ Hb 10:1-10

As of a lamb unblemished and without spot – only acceptable sacrifice to God

It means having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It means living according to His will. It means doing what He says instead of what we think. It means loving Him above everything else. It means following His commandments. It means being pure and holy. It means walking humbly before Him. It means seeking

Sermon About Self-Control: The Power of Self-Control

The Power of Self-Control

We all have weaknesses. But what if there was a way to turn them into strengths?  The Bible teaches that we can and must control ourselves. It is a realistic expectation!

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of self-control, (a sound mind, KJV). 2 Tim 1:7

What is self-control? It refers to one who masters his appetites, emotions, inclinations and urges.

It involves abstinence from which is prohibited, but moderation in that which is permissible!

1. Christian’s must have discipline over mind and body to win the spiritual race. (I Corinthians 9:24-27)

Christians must have discipline over temptation and sin to win the race against Satan.

Self-control is a vital virtue! Self-control is all about being disciplined!

Athletes must have discipline over mind and body to win races.

Self control is an important part of life. It helps us resist temptation, stay focused on our goals, and avoid making bad decisions. In this sermon, will talk about going to learn how to use willpower to achieve success in life.

Learn how to control your emotions.

If you've ever tried to lose weight, quit smoking, or stop drinking alcohol, you probably know that self-control isn't easy. You might even feel like giving up when things get tough. But with practice, you'll find that you can develop better self-control.

It can be obtained, however, with prayer, persistence, and proper positioning, (not putting yourself in compromising situations – 1 Corinthians 15:33)

2. Self-control is listed as one as a fruit of the Spirit, (Galatians 5:22-25) and a Christian grace. (2 Peter 1:5,6)

It's not just about being healthy; it's also about taking care of yourself. In fact, research shows that people who exercise regularly tend to eat healthier foods and drink less alcohol than those who don't. They're also more likely to make positive changes in other areas of their lives, such as improving relationships with family members and friends.

Self-control is a wonderful thing! It frees one from being a slave to self.

He is no longer driven by his desires, but is empowered to overcome these things.

Enables a person to restrain his tongue, temper, and thoughts.

3. Titus 2:6 - “For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people, training us self-controlled”

Titus 2:6 - “Urge the younger men to be self-controlled”

If you've ever tried to lose weight, you probably know that it's easier said than done. You might even have heard that willpower is an illusion—that we actually have very little control over our actions. But the truth is, we do have some control over our behavior. And when we use that power wisely, we can achieve goals that would otherwise seem impossible.

Daniel – Daniel 1:8 “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself”

Sermon About Self-Control: The Power of Self-Control

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Willpower is one of those things that people think is either innate or something that happens naturally. In reality, willpower is a skill that anyone can learn. It's not magic; it's just a matter of learning recall “Fruit of the Spirit” – Joy, Peace & Self-control (Gal. 5:22)

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. . .” (Jn. 16:33, NKJV)

Blessed are those who do His commandments. . .” (Rev. 22:14, NKJV)

Clear headed, not to lose spiritual control, clarity of mind, discipline of heart. Under no other influences than God, self controlled, not drunk with the world

2 Ti 4:10 Ja4:4

Set hope on the future

U need an action side to hope, you need to prepare your mind, gather up loose ends, develop a disciplined mind.

You must Bclear headed and not under the influence or control of any other than God.

Sermon About The Power of Humility 1Pet 5:5-7

 The Power of Humility 1Pet 5:5-7

Humility is one of the most powerful virtues we can cultivate. It’s also one of the hardest to practice. In this sermon, I share some tips on cultivating humility.

Humility is an important virtue that many people struggle with. This sermon will give you some ideas for how to develop humility in yourself and others. Humility should be our goal so that God will fight for us rather than against us (5:5b-7).

Peter Say About Humility 1Pet 5:5-7

It is for all Christians 5b. You need to wear it tightly 5c

God gives grace to the humble 5d. We need to humble ourselves 6a

God will exalt the humble in due time 6b

The humble trust God with all their problems 7


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Humility about your own accomplishments.

God cares for the humble—so give him your anxieties (5:7).

One of the easiest ways to cultivate humility is to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. If you think about the things you do well, you might realize that you’re not as good at everything as you thought. And if you think about the things that you struggle with, you might realize that there are areas where you need improvement.

The Lord commends and encourages humility. 2Ch7:14; Is 57:15

We should be humble to all men . Tts3:2

If we exalt ourselves, God will humble us. Mt23:12

Examples of humble people: Jesus Ph2:8; Moses Nb12:3; Hezekiah 2Ch33:12; Daniel Dn10:12; Ezra Ezr8:21

Another way to cultivate humility is to focus on what you can control. Instead of comparing yourself to other people, try focusing on how you can improve your life. You can start by thinking about what you would like to accomplish. Then, ask yourself whether you’ve done anything to help you achieve those goals.

God grants grace to the humble (power to do his will)—so don’t be among the proud that he fights (5:5b).

One of the easiest ways to develop humility is to learn from others' mistakes. If you see someone else making a mistake, take note of it. Ask them why they made that decision. What were they trying to do? How did they go about doing it? Did they succeed? Why didn't they succeed? By asking these questions, you'll gain insight into how to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

God grants restoration to the humble—so humble yourself under him (5:6).

Everyone makes mistakes. We're not perfect. And even when we try our best, sometimes things still go wrong. That's okay! Mistakes happen. They're part of life. So what should you do when you make a mistake? First, acknowledge that you've made a mistake. Then, apologize. Apologize sincerely. Don't just say "I'm sorry." Say something like, "I'm so sorry. I really messed up there. I hope you won't hold it against me." This will help you build trust with other 

If there is one thing that should produce humility in you and make you humble it is God. Think about God. Think about the Person and work of God.

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Who am I O Lord God? 2Sm7:18

A few thoughts about God

In the beginning God created the heavens … Gn1:1

Where were you when I … Job 38:4

The Lord is in His holy temple Hab 2:20

Without Me you can do nothing J15:5

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all Rv22:21

Sermon About Moving Forward with Your Dream

Moving Forward with Your Dream

You've a dream, but now what? In this sermon, we'll help you move forward with your dream.

Start immediately doing right. I Tim. 4:12-16

You've got a great dream, but where do you begin? We're going to give you some tips on how to start, and how to keep it growing.

Build Relationships.

One of the biggest mistakes people make  is not building relationships. If you want to succeed, you need to build relationships with other people. This will allow you to share ideas, learn from each other, and ultimately become more successful.


-- Publicidade --

Start immediately planning for the future. I Peter 3:10-12, cited from Psalms 34:12-16.

Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the LORD;  And He will give you the desires of your heart.

The Lord delighted in Hanna and gave her her hearts desire, a son. Hanna responded by delighting in the Lord and gave her son back to the Him

This love relationship resulted in Samuel becoming a great man of God. We love …because He first loved us.

Our motivation is love, not fear. Isaiah 50:7 For the Lord GOD helps Me

It's easy to think that you're yourself, but you won't. You need to find God who are willing to help you out. Ask them questions, listen to their advice, and offer  out too to mission.

Sermon About Moving Forward with Your Dream

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Start immediately avoiding wrong. II Tim. 2:22-23; 3:1-5

Once you've found courage, make sure you keep the  happy. This means offering good service to God.

1 Chronicles 28:20 

David knew: Strength/Courage would come from holding tight to God…

Keep God’s Charge:

Walk in His ways

Keep His statutes

Keep His commands

Keep His judgments

Keep His testimonies as written in the Law of Moses

Sermon About Thankfulness: Ways to Be Thankful

 Ways to Be Thankful 

Thankful is an important part of happiness and success. So why not start practicing gratitude today?

Thankfulness will transform our demeanor Psalm 100:1

The recognition of so many blessings should help us feel good about things and have a positive outlook.

I Thess. 5:18 and Psalm 16:7-11

What makes us happy? Why do we feel thankful for things that others take for granted? And how can we cultivate gratitude in our lives?

Thankfulness will transform our worship Psalm 100:4

Your worship becomes more meaningful and anticipated.

Write down three things you're thankful for each day.

Start by writing down three things you’re thankful for each day. This will help you develop a habit of being thankful for what you have. It also helps you focus on the positive aspects of life instead of dwelling on negative ones.

We sing the song, “How can I keep from singing your praise.” Psalm 122-1


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Thankfulness will transform our relationships Psalm 100:2-3

First with God and as a result with other people.

Serving becomes a joy.

When you live with thankfulness, it truly enhances your relationships

Give thanks to someone who has helped you along the way.

You might think that you’ve been successful without any help at all, but chances are there were people who contributed to your success. If you’re struggling with how to thank them, consider sending them a handwritten note or email thanking them for helping you reach your goals.

Sermon About Thankfulness:  Ways to Be Thankful

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We Should Always Give Thanks! (1 Chronicles 29:11-15; Ephesians 5:20)

Count Your Blessings—Not Your Bruises. Accept Your Troubles—Without Complaining.

Acknowledge What You Have—and Would Not Trade. Remember Your Gifts—Instead of Coveting More

How Thankful Are You?

Find something to be thankful for every time you wake up.

It’s easy to forget what we have when we focus on what we don’t have. Start each day by taking a few minutes to write down three things you’re grateful for. This will help remind you of the good things in life and keep you focused on what matters.

Sermon About Tithes and Offering: It's Important!

Sermon About Tithes and Offering: It's Important!

Tithing is important

Tithing is a biblical principle that teaches Christians to give 10% of their income to God. Tithing is also known as giving 10% of all money received in church.

Supported by Jesus Matthew 23:23/Luke 11:42 Jesus endorses tithing:  “ …You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former.” Mt 23:23

  Implied in Paul Old Testament law of tithing—model for Christian giving 1 Cor 9:13

Annually everyone presented their tithes at the temple with eating and drinking (Deut. 14:23, 26).

Tithing is not just a commandment, but a principle that applies to everyone who believes in Jesus Christ. In fact, when Jesus was asked what he thought about paying taxes, He said “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's; and render unto God what is God's.” (Mark 12:17) This means that we should pay our taxes to the government, but we should also give 10% of our income to God.

Practice giving in faith. Now when you talk about how to embrace financial health, one of the ways of embracing financial health is learning to give. To give back to God. Faithful tithes and offerings. There is a lot of other ways to give but I want to talk about that one just for a moment. Learning to give faithfully. 


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 Offerings is important

Giving comes from a free-will, liberal (generous) offering to the Lord, as one purposes in his heart, not from a set amount (2 Cor. 8:5,8,12; 9:6-9)

Offerings are tangible expressions of a heart commitment to God

What is given is something of value and meaning – it has a cost to the giver

There is a benefit or blessing associated with the giving of offerings

Offerings is a means of thanksgiving and praise to God

Worship and joy are common denominators in the giving of offerings

There are several reasons why offering is important. First, it helps us to understand how much money we actually have. Second, it teaches us to live within our means. Third, it reminds us that we are stewards of God’s gifts. Fourth, it provides an opportunity to share with others. Fifth, it gives us a chance to serve others. Sixth, it allows us to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Seventh, it shows our love for God. And finally, it demonstrates our faith in Him.

Offering  is regulated by one’s individual ability, not by a pre-determined amount for all (Acts 11:29). 

Offerings is regulated by the proportion of one’s prosperity, not the percentage (1 Cor. 16:2)

Sermon About Tithes and Offering: It's Important!

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You know it’s very interesting how God put this together. When you trust the Lord, riches follows. When you trust the Lord, financial health follows. When God is first in your life, seems like things have a way of coming together.  But this time if we can trust God first in our lives and plant the seed. You plant the seed richly you’re going to receive back what you planted. It says so here in your Bible. 

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