Sermon About The Power of Humility 1Pet 5:5-7

 The Power of Humility 1Pet 5:5-7

Humility is one of the most powerful virtues we can cultivate. It’s also one of the hardest to practice. In this sermon, I share some tips on cultivating humility.

Humility is an important virtue that many people struggle with. This sermon will give you some ideas for how to develop humility in yourself and others. Humility should be our goal so that God will fight for us rather than against us (5:5b-7).

Peter Say About Humility 1Pet 5:5-7

It is for all Christians 5b. You need to wear it tightly 5c

God gives grace to the humble 5d. We need to humble ourselves 6a

God will exalt the humble in due time 6b

The humble trust God with all their problems 7


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Humility about your own accomplishments.

God cares for the humble—so give him your anxieties (5:7).

One of the easiest ways to cultivate humility is to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. If you think about the things you do well, you might realize that you’re not as good at everything as you thought. And if you think about the things that you struggle with, you might realize that there are areas where you need improvement.

The Lord commends and encourages humility. 2Ch7:14; Is 57:15

We should be humble to all men . Tts3:2

If we exalt ourselves, God will humble us. Mt23:12

Examples of humble people: Jesus Ph2:8; Moses Nb12:3; Hezekiah 2Ch33:12; Daniel Dn10:12; Ezra Ezr8:21

Another way to cultivate humility is to focus on what you can control. Instead of comparing yourself to other people, try focusing on how you can improve your life. You can start by thinking about what you would like to accomplish. Then, ask yourself whether you’ve done anything to help you achieve those goals.

God grants grace to the humble (power to do his will)—so don’t be among the proud that he fights (5:5b).

One of the easiest ways to develop humility is to learn from others' mistakes. If you see someone else making a mistake, take note of it. Ask them why they made that decision. What were they trying to do? How did they go about doing it? Did they succeed? Why didn't they succeed? By asking these questions, you'll gain insight into how to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

God grants restoration to the humble—so humble yourself under him (5:6).

Everyone makes mistakes. We're not perfect. And even when we try our best, sometimes things still go wrong. That's okay! Mistakes happen. They're part of life. So what should you do when you make a mistake? First, acknowledge that you've made a mistake. Then, apologize. Apologize sincerely. Don't just say "I'm sorry." Say something like, "I'm so sorry. I really messed up there. I hope you won't hold it against me." This will help you build trust with other 

If there is one thing that should produce humility in you and make you humble it is God. Think about God. Think about the Person and work of God.

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