Sermon about Worship: Preparing for True Worship Psalm 100 and Jno 4:24

Sermon about Worship: Preparing for True Worship Psalm 100

To achieve true worship (Jno. 4:24), must prepare ourselves to experience its joy & benefits (Psa. 100).

There are many ways to worship God.  True Worship.   The Worship of the Samaritans was wrong;   They did not Know what they worshiped;    God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.“ (John 4:24)

Worship is the expression of God’s love and thanksgiving to God  meaning “to bow down before” or “to give honor and respect to.” 


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1. Worship is not about a place.

People can have false views of God. All religions are not true.
Salvation comes through the Jewish Savior – Jesus Christ.
The ‘How’ of Worship 23-24. Jesus Advances The Thought From ‘Where’ to ‘How’ 23, but the hour is coming and now is when the true worshipers. Jesus Emphasizes The ‘How’ of Worship 24
God is spirit: Those who worship must worship in spirit and truth

Jesus talk about  ‘Where’ to ‘How’ 23. Jesus Emphasizes The ‘How’ of Worship 24

2. Worship is an act of adoration.

That expresses our love for God and is a vital part of every Christian’s life. It can take many forms, including listening to music, praying silently or aloud, reading Scripture, and reflecting on the Lord’s work in our lives. As part of worship, we humbly recognize our need for God and ask him to meet those needs.

Worship is the expression of honor, adoration & praise unto God, not an end in itself. Avoid vain worship by preparing ourselves to benefit from worship (spiritual reform & growth, Heb. 10:24-25).

3. Worship of the Lord’s Church

The worship may be formal and structured, such as praying every day, or informal and unstructured, such as attending a weekly service at a local church. Religious practices are often undertaken out of personal interest and belief, but they may also be performed as part of cultural observances. 

Worship in the Lord’s Church Singing! For example, Colossians 3:16 (NKJV) 16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

Plan ahead, Psa. 122:1. Prepare heart long before arriving: e.g., rest, good relationships (Matt. 5:23), planning.   Prepare your the liturgical worship, musical worship, contemplative worship, corporate worship, family worship, and private prayer. Each type has its own unique style but all are rooted in adoration and reverence for God.
Worship is NOT competition with others (out do others present).

Mind preparation VITAL to true worship.

The beraking of bread is worship
1Corinthians 11:18-26
1. When they came together in one place
2. To remember the Lord till He comes
3. It involved eating bread and drinking fruit of the vine.
4. Not eating a common meal- 1Corinthians 11:34

Take some time to read the Bible and share if there anything that surprises or confused you. If so, try to recall what is going on, and what the point of the chapter is.

True Worship is in SPIRIT (Jno. 4:24).

4. True worship involves TRUTH (Jno. 4:24):

Take an honest look at your life. What does it tell you (and others) is most worthy of your time and attention? For example, what do you think about most of the time and how do your spending habits reveal your deepest priorities?

Do you need to make some adjustments in these areas? If so, what? Be specific!

What helps you most to worship God and reorient your life toward His sovereign goodness?

Worship is doing something or making an act of reverence. Worship can be something as simple as kneeling or praying to God. It can also take the form of singing hymns and reciting prayers.
Worship can be done out of reverence. 


Experience the joys & benefits of worship by preparing for it with a correct understanding (“mind set”), orderliness & devotion.


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