What christ is to church?

 The Profound Relationship Between Christ and His Church

Exists between Christ and His Church. The Scriptures reveal profound truths about the identity and role of Christ in relation to His beloved body, the Church. Let us explore the remarkable facets of this relationship and the significance it holds for our lives.

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I. He Built It (Matthew 16:18)

In Matthew 16:18, Jesus declared that He would build His Church, emphasizing His divine role as the cornerstone upon which the Church is founded. Christ's sacrificial death and resurrection laid the foundation for the community of believers, demonstrating His love and commitment to His people.

II. It Carries His Name (Romans 16:16)

Romans 16:16 highlights the significance of the Church bearing the name of Christ. This embodies the idea that we are identified with Him and His redemptive work. The Church stands as a living representation of Christ's character and message, carrying His name into the world.

III. He Is the Head of It (Colossians 1:18)

In Colossians 1:18, Christ is described as the head of the Church. Just as the head guides and directs the body, Christ guides and nurtures His Church. His authority and guidance ensure the Church's unity, growth, and purposeful mission.

IV. It Is His Body (Ephesians 1:22-23)

Ephesians 1:22-23 poetically illustrates the Church as the body of Christ. Each member plays a unique role, united in purpose and functioning harmoniously under Christ's headship. The Church represents Christ's work on earth, continuing His ministry of love, grace, and reconciliation.

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V. Jesus Gave His Life for the Church (Ephesians 5:25-29)

In Ephesians 5:25-29, we witness the selfless love of Christ for His Church, depicted as a husband's love for his bride. Just as a husband cherishes and sacrifices for his wife, Christ gave Himself up for the Church. His death on the cross stands as the ultimate expression of His love, demonstrating His desire for a deep and eternal relationship with His people.

VI. He Shed His Blood for the Church (Acts 20:28)

In Acts 20:28, we are reminded of the weighty cost of Christ's love for the Church - He shed His own blood. This act of atonement was not just for individuals, but for the collective body of believers. His blood purchased our redemption and solidified the Church as a community bound together by His sacrifice.

VII. The Church Is the "Pillar and Ground of the Truth" (1 Timothy 3:15)

1 Timothy 3:15 describes the Church as the "pillar and ground of the truth." This powerful imagery emphasizes the Church's role as a guardian and proclaimer of God's truth. The Church stands as a bastion of divine teachings, upholding and transmitting the Gospel message to generations, illuminating the path to salvation.

What christ is to church?


The relationship between Christ and His Church is a profound and sacred one. As we contemplate what Christ is to the Church, we realize that He is not only its foundation and cornerstone, but also its leader, identity, and guiding force. The Church exists to glorify Christ, making Him known through its words, actions, and unity.

Beloved, as we reflect on what Christ is to the Church, we find an overwhelming display of love and purpose. Jesus gave His life and shed His blood to establish a dynamic relationship with His Church, culminating in the covenant of salvation. As the Church, we are entrusted with the sacred responsibility of being the "pillar and ground of the truth," preserving and spreading the timeless message of Christ.

Let us honor Christ's sacrifice by faithfully living out our role as the Church, committed to love, unity, and truth. May we stand united as Christ's redeemed people, shining His light in a world darkened by sin. Let us declare our gratitude for Christ's love through our devotion, service, and unwavering commitment to the mission He entrusted to us.

May we fully grasp the honor and responsibility of being part of Christ's body, the Church. Let us embrace our role as ambassadors of His love and grace, carrying His name into a world in need of salvation. As Christ continues to build His Church, let us be fervently committed to the mission He entrusted to us, serving as His hands and feet, and reflecting His light in the darkness.

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