Sermon on Fellowship with one another

 Communion in Christian Community: Sharing the Heart of Christ

The profound theme of communion—a term laden with spiritual significance. As we navigate the complexities of life, the essence of communion holds the power to transform our relationships, enrich our worship, and reflect the very heart of Christ. Join me in exploring the depths of communion in the Christian community, as we uncover the transformative power of sharing life together.

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I. The Importance of Communion in the Christian Life: 1 John 1:7 

Communion is not merely a human interaction; it is a divine imperative rooted in the very nature of God. In 1 John 1:7, we are reminded that through the blood of Jesus, we share fellowship with one another. This communion extends beyond the earthly realm, knitting our hearts in the eternal bond of Christ's sacrifice.

II. Communion in Corporate Worship: Hebrews 10:25 

Hebrews 10:25 emphasizes the significance of gathering together in corporate worship, encouraging one another as we witness the day of Christ's return drawing near. In the shared experience of worship, we find a unique communion that fortifies our faith and kindles the flame of devotion within the body of believers.

III. Serving One Another in Love: Galatians 5:13, Acts 2:44-45 

True communion is expressed through selfless service and sacrificial love. Galatians 5:13 calls us to serve one another, and the early Christian community beautifully exemplified this in Acts 2:44-45, where they shared everything in common. Through practical acts of love, we embody the essence of communion.

IV. Forgiving One Another: Colossians 3:13 

Communion flourishes in an atmosphere of forgiveness. Colossians 3:13 urges us to bear with one another and forgive, just as the Lord forgave us. The ability to extend forgiveness fosters unity and harmony, creating a space where hearts can commune without the hindrance of resentment.

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V. Communion in Intercessory Prayer: James 5:16

James 5:16 underscores the power of prayerful communion. Interceding for one another binds us in spiritual fellowship, as we carry each other's burdens before the throne of grace. In these moments of prayerful communion, the love and care of Christ are tangibly felt.

VI. Communion as a Testimony to the World: John 13:35 

The way we commune with one another becomes a powerful testimony to the world. In John 13:35, Jesus declares that the world will know we are His disciples by our love for one another. Our authentic and Christ-like communion serves as a beacon, drawing others to the transformative power of the Gospel.

VII. Humility in Communion: Philippians 2:3 

Communion thrives in an environment of humility. Philippians 2:3 exhorts us to consider others as more significant than ourselves. When humility becomes the fabric of our interactions, the barriers of pride crumble, fostering a deep and genuine communion among believers.

VIII. Communion in the Celebration of the Lord's Supper: 1 Corinthians 10:16-17

The pinnacle of our communal worship is found in the celebration of the Lord's Supper. In 1 Corinthians 10:16-17, we discover that as we partake of the bread and the cup, we participate in the body and blood of Christ. This sacred act is a profound expression of our shared life in Christ, transcending earthly boundaries.

Sermon on Fellowship with one another

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As we reflect on the multifaceted nature of communion in the Christian community, let us recommit ourselves to the richness of shared life. Whether in acts of service, forgiveness, prayer, or the celebration of the Lord's Supper, our communion is a divine tapestry, intricately woven with threads of love, humility, and devotion. May our hearts beat in rhythm with the heartbeat of Christ, creating a symphony of communion that resounds with the grace and glory of our Lord.

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