Sermon on Help from Above Psalm 121:1-8

 "The Help That Comes From Above: A Source of Strength and Peace"

In life's journey, we all encounter trials, difficulties, and moments when we need help beyond our own strength. It's during these times that we look up to the heavens, seeking divine assistance. 

The Book of Psalms, especially Psalm 121, offers us profound wisdom on where to find the help we need. Today, we will explore this psalm, uncovering the promises and assurances it provides regarding the help that comes from above. In doing so, we discover a source of strength, protection, and peace, even in the most challenging moments of life.

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I. The Search for Divine Help: (Psalm 121:1)

Psalm 121:1 opens with a profound declaration—a heartfelt acknowledgment of our need for divine help. It recognizes that we must look beyond our human limitations to the Creator of heaven and earth, the source of all help. This search for divine help begins with an admission of our own frailty and a reliance on the Almighty.

II. The Source of Help: (Psalm 121:2) 

Verse 2 of Psalm 121 elucidates where our help originates. It reminds us that our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. This revelation is foundational to our faith. It assures us that the One who created the universe is also the source of our help. Our Creator is not distant but intimately involved in our lives, ready to provide the assistance we need.

III. The Promise of Divine Help: (Psalm 121:2)

The second part of Psalm 121:2 deepens the promise of divine help. It declares that the Lord will not just give us help but will actively engage in our situation. God is our Keeper, watching over us. This divine promise offers solace and certainty that we are not alone in our struggles.

IV. Protection from Evil: (Psalm 121:7)

Verse 7 brings the comforting assurance of protection from evil. The Lord will guard us from all evil. The psalmist does not promise an absence of challenges but emphasizes the divine protection that shields us in the midst of them. The God we serve is our shield against the wiles of the enemy.

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V. Perseverance and Divine Help: (Psalm 121:3)

Verse 3 unveils another dimension of divine help: God's sustaining power. We are assured that the Lord will not allow our foot to be moved. In our journey, we face obstacles and stumbling blocks, but with divine help, we can stand firm and continue our path. The help that comes from above is not just momentary but is there to sustain us throughout our journey.

VI. God, the Eternal Guardian: (Psalm 121:8)

In verse 8, we encounter the timeless character of God as our Keeper. The Lord will keep our going out and coming in, both now and forevermore. This eternal guardianship is a testament to the unwavering faithfulness of our Creator. It signifies that divine help is not temporary; it is a lifelong and everlasting presence in our lives.

VII. The Faithfulness of the Lord: (Psalm 121:5)

Verse 5 underscores the faithfulness of the Lord, assuring us that the Lord is our shade at our right hand. In life's scorching moments, we find refuge and respite in the unfailing faithfulness of our God. His presence is like the protective shade that cools us during the heat of life's challenges.

VIII. The Peace That Comes From Trusting God: (Psalm 121:8)

Lastly, verse 8 not only speaks of God's guardianship but also of the peace that comes from trusting in the divine help. Knowing that the Lord keeps our going out and coming in offers us a sense of security that transcends earthly understanding. It's a peace that anchors our souls and carries us through life's various seasons.

Sermon on Help from Above Psalm 121:1-8

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As we conclude our exploration of Psalm 121, we recognize the immeasurable value of the help that comes from above. It is our source of strength, our protection from evil, our promise of divine assistance, and the very presence that accompanies us throughout life's journey. Let us take to heart the message of this psalm, knowing that the Creator of heaven and earth, the eternal guardian of our lives, is always with us. Trust in the Lord's help not only brings comfort but also provides an unshakable peace that surpasses all understanding. In Him, we find hope, solace, and a steadfast refuge for our souls.

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