Sermon on Queen Esther: Fulfilling God's Purpose

 Sermon on Queen Esther: Fulfilling God's Purpose 

Esther is entered into the beauty pageant.  Long story short, she wins the pageant, marries the King and becomes the new queen.

Haman. He’s an evil guy and likes himself a lot.  So he gets the king to order that everyone has to bow to him (not bow to the king - bowto himself - Haman).

So everyone’s bowing to Haman… except Mordecai. Mordecai doesn’t bow to him.Maybe because he’s Jewish and only wants to worship God.

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So Haman gets mad. Like super mad. He gets so mad that he wants to destroyMordecai. But not only Mordecai, when he finds out Mordecai is Jewish, he wants todestroy all of the Jewish people too

While Esther was initially hesitant to beseech the king on behalf of her people, in the end she decided to value thepotential benefit to others over the personal risk of approaching the king uninvited. 

She decided to trust in God’sprovidence even if that meant personal inconvenience and sacrifice. She welcomed the possibility that the very reasonshe was currently queen was to be uniquely used by God, “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). 

When God is going touse us, He will do so to allow us to be of spiritual benefit to others; therefore, your purpose is never solely about you.God allowed Esther to be placed within the intersection of Haman and Mordecai’s personal problems so that she coulduse her position and opportunities to advance His kingdom program of preserving the Jews. God’s purpose is alwaysabout advancing His kingdom

1: God’s Purpose and Timing for Our Lives

The story of Esther reminds us of God's sovereignty and His perfect timing in orchestrating events for His divine purposes (Esther 4:14). Just as Esther was strategically placed in the king's palace "for such a time as this," God has a unique plan for each of our lives. We are called to trust in His providence and be obedient to His leading, knowing that He works all things together for our good.

2: Courage to Act for Those in Need

Esther's courageous decision to approach the king on behalf of her people demonstrates the importance of taking action in times of crisis (Esther 4:8). Despite the risks involved, Esther boldly stepped forward to advocate for the welfare of her fellow Jews. Similarly, we are called to show compassion and courage in standing up for justice and helping those in need, regardless of the challenges we may face.

3: The Importance of Prayer and Fasting in Times of Crisis

In the face of impending danger, Esther and her people turned to prayer and fasting for divine intervention (Esther 4:16). Their humble dependence on God's guidance and deliverance serves as a powerful reminder of the efficacy of prayer in times of crisis. Like Esther, let us seek God fervently in prayer, trusting in His wisdom and provision to see us through every trial.

4: The Enemy's Plans

The story of Esther also highlights the reality of spiritual warfare and the schemes of the enemy (Esther 3:8-9). Haman, fueled by pride and malice, sought to destroy the Jewish people. Likewise, we must be vigilant against the enemy's tactics and stand firm in our faith, knowing that greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.

5: Esther's Testimony and God's Plans for Victory

Through Esther's obedience and faithfulness, God brought about a miraculous deliverance for His people (Esther 8:5). Her testimony serves as a testament to God's faithfulness and His ability to turn the tide of adversity into victory. Even in the darkest of circumstances, God is at work, accomplishing His purposes and bringing about redemption.

6: The Celebration of Victory and Divine Providence

As we witness the triumph of God's people in the book of Esther, we are reminded of the importance of celebrating His victories and acknowledging His divine providence (Esther 10:3). The joyous celebration that ensued serves as a testament to God's faithfulness and the fulfillment of His promises. Let us join in praising God for His mighty works and unwavering faithfulness.

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7: The Celebration of Victory over God’s Enemies

Esther's story concludes with a celebration of victory over the enemies of God's people (Esther 8:16). In a similar manner, we are called to rejoice in the triumph of righteousness and the defeat of evil. Through Christ, we have been granted victory over sin and death, and we eagerly await the day when God's kingdom will reign supreme.

Sermon on Queen Esther: Fulfilling God's Purpose

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In conclusion, the story of Queen Esther serves as a timeless reminder of God's faithfulness, providence, and sovereignty. Just as Esther fulfilled her mission with courage and faith, may we too embrace God's purpose for our lives and trust in His unfailing love and guidance. Let us be bold in standing up for justice, fervent in prayer, and joyful in celebrating God's victories. May the example of Esther inspire us to live lives of courage, faith, and obedience to our Heavenly King. Amen.

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