Sermon on Is Jesus in Your Boat

  Is Jesus in Your Boat? Finding Peace Amid Life’s Storms


Dear brothers and sisters, have you ever found yourself in the midst of life's storms, feeling overwhelmed and helpless? Today, let us explore the comforting truth that even in the storms of life, Jesus is present with us. In the narrative from Matthew 8, we witness Jesus calming the storm while He was in the boat with His disciples. Let us uncover the profound lessons this story holds for us today.

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1: Even With Jesus in the Boat, Storms of Life Persist (Matthew 8:24)

In Matthew 8:24, we see that even with Jesus in the boat, the disciples encountered a fierce storm. This reminds us that as believers, we are not exempt from facing trials and challenges in life.

2: Rest Even in the Amidst of Adversity (Matthew 8:24)

Despite the storm raging around them, Jesus found rest in the boat. Similarly, we are called to find peace and rest in Christ, even in the midst of life's storms. Our trust in Him enables us to navigate through difficult circumstances with a sense of calm assurance.

3: Having Jesus in the Boat Gives Us Someone to Turn To (Matthew 8:25)

When the disciples cried out to Jesus in fear, He responded by rebuking the winds and the waves. In times of trouble, we have Jesus as our ever-present help and refuge. We can turn to Him in prayer, knowing that He hears and answers us.

4: The Need to Have Faith (Matthew 8:26)

Jesus questioned the disciples' faith when they doubted His ability to calm the storm. Similarly, we are called to have unwavering faith in God's power and sovereignty, trusting that He is in control even when circumstances seem dire.

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5: Divine Providence in Times of Crisis (Matthew 8:26)

In calming the storm, Jesus demonstrated His divine authority over creation. This miracle reminds us of God's providential care for His children, even in the midst of life's storms. We can trust in His sovereign control over every situation.

6: Admiration at the Power of Jesus (Matthew 8:27)

The disciples marveled at Jesus' power to calm the storm with just a word. Likewise, we should stand in awe of His authority over nature, circumstances, and every aspect of our lives.

Sermon on Is Jesus in Your Boat

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As we journey through life, encountering various storms and challenges, let us remember that Jesus is in our boat. His presence brings peace, assurance, and divine intervention in the midst of adversity. May we have unwavering faith in His power and trust in His providential care. Let us find rest in Him, knowing that with Jesus in our boat, we can weather any storm that comes our way.

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