Sermon About Tithes and Offering: It's Important!

Sermon About Tithes and Offering: It's Important!

Tithing is important

Tithing is a biblical principle that teaches Christians to give 10% of their income to God. Tithing is also known as giving 10% of all money received in church.

Supported by Jesus Matthew 23:23/Luke 11:42 Jesus endorses tithing:  “ …You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former.” Mt 23:23

  Implied in Paul Old Testament law of tithing—model for Christian giving 1 Cor 9:13

Annually everyone presented their tithes at the temple with eating and drinking (Deut. 14:23, 26).

Tithing is not just a commandment, but a principle that applies to everyone who believes in Jesus Christ. In fact, when Jesus was asked what he thought about paying taxes, He said “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's; and render unto God what is God's.” (Mark 12:17) This means that we should pay our taxes to the government, but we should also give 10% of our income to God.

Practice giving in faith. Now when you talk about how to embrace financial health, one of the ways of embracing financial health is learning to give. To give back to God. Faithful tithes and offerings. There is a lot of other ways to give but I want to talk about that one just for a moment. Learning to give faithfully. 


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 Offerings is important

Giving comes from a free-will, liberal (generous) offering to the Lord, as one purposes in his heart, not from a set amount (2 Cor. 8:5,8,12; 9:6-9)

Offerings are tangible expressions of a heart commitment to God

What is given is something of value and meaning – it has a cost to the giver

There is a benefit or blessing associated with the giving of offerings

Offerings is a means of thanksgiving and praise to God

Worship and joy are common denominators in the giving of offerings

There are several reasons why offering is important. First, it helps us to understand how much money we actually have. Second, it teaches us to live within our means. Third, it reminds us that we are stewards of God’s gifts. Fourth, it provides an opportunity to share with others. Fifth, it gives us a chance to serve others. Sixth, it allows us to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Seventh, it shows our love for God. And finally, it demonstrates our faith in Him.

Offering  is regulated by one’s individual ability, not by a pre-determined amount for all (Acts 11:29). 

Offerings is regulated by the proportion of one’s prosperity, not the percentage (1 Cor. 16:2)

Sermon About Tithes and Offering: It's Important!

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You know it’s very interesting how God put this together. When you trust the Lord, riches follows. When you trust the Lord, financial health follows. When God is first in your life, seems like things have a way of coming together.  But this time if we can trust God first in our lives and plant the seed. You plant the seed richly you’re going to receive back what you planted. It says so here in your Bible. 

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