Sermon on Overcoming: 7 things to him who overcames

Overcomers: Reaping the Promises of God

The promises of God to those who overcome in their faith and walk with Christ. In the book of Revelation, we find powerful assurances that await those who persevere in the face of trials and tribulations. Let us delve into these promises, finding encouragement and strength to remain steadfast in our journey of faith.

I. To Him Who Overcomes - Access to the Tree of Life (Revelation 2:7)

The first promise to those who overcome is access to the Tree of Life. In the Garden of Eden, sin barred humanity from the Tree of Life, but through Christ's victory on the cross, we are granted access once more. Overcomers, those who are faithful until the end, will partake of eternal life with God. The Tree of Life symbolizes the everlasting fellowship and communion with the Almighty, where we will experience joy and fulfillment beyond imagination.

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II. To Him Who Overcomes - Not Hurt of the Second Death (Revelation 2:11)

The second promise is that overcomers will not be hurt by the second death. The second death refers to eternal separation from God and eternal punishment for the wicked. For those who are in Christ and have overcome, they will not experience this spiritual death but instead receive eternal life in the presence of God.

III. To Him Who Overcomes - The Hidden Manna, a White Stone, and a New Name (Revelation 2:17)

The third promise to overcomers includes three symbolic gifts. The hidden manna represents the spiritual nourishment that comes from a deep and intimate relationship with Christ. The white stone signifies acceptance and victory, much like a white stone used in ancient times to indicate acquittal. Additionally, overcomers will receive a new name, signifying a new identity and a special relationship with God, known only to Him and the believer.

IV. To Him Who Overcomes - Power Over the Nations and Given the Morning Star (Revelation 2:26, 28)

The fourth promise to overcomers is power over the nations. This speaks of the authority and responsibility that believers will have in God's eternal kingdom. The morning star symbolizes Jesus Christ Himself, the bright and radiant light that will shine in our hearts and lead us throughout eternity. Through Christ, overcomers will experience victory and triumph over the darkness of this world.

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V. To Him Who Overcomes - Clothed with White Raiment, Name in the Book of Life, and Confessed Before the Father and Angels (Revelation 3:5)

The first promise to those who overcome is threefold. First, they will be clothed with white raiment, symbolizing purity, righteousness, and victory over sin. Second, their names will be inscribed in the Book of Life, ensuring eternal fellowship with God. Finally, Jesus will proudly confess their names before the Father and the angels, affirming their identity as His faithful followers.

VI. To Him Who Overcomes - Names of God, New Jerusalem, and the Name of Christ (Revelation 3:12)

The second promise to overcomers is the privilege of having three names bestowed upon them. They will receive the name of God, representing their intimate relationship with the Almighty. They will be called citizens of the New Jerusalem, signifying their citizenship in God's eternal kingdom. And they will bear the name of Christ, indicating their identity as His beloved disciples and representatives on earth.

VII. To Him Who Overcomes - Reign with Christ (Revelation 3:21)

The third promise to overcomers is the extraordinary privilege of reigning with Christ. As co-heirs with Jesus, they will share in His authority and glory. Through perseverance and faithfulness, they will inherit a position of honor and responsibility in God's eternal kingdom.

How Overcoming Is Possible

  • By the blood of Christ (Rev. 12:11)
  • This is how the devil is defeated
  • The blood was shed for the remission of sins (Matt. 26:28)
  • Justified by His blood (Rom. 5:9)
  • Purges our conscience from dead works (Heb. 9:14)
  • Redeems us (1 Peter 1:18-19)

Why Overcome?

  • To obtain many benefits previously mentioned
To go to heaven when this life is over
  • Only the obedient (Rev. 22:14)
  • We will be with God in heaven (Rev. 21:3-4)
  • Heirs of glory (Rev. 21:7)

7 things to him who overcames

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  3. Don't try to hide from God


The promises to those who overcome are rich and magnificent. As we endure trials and challenges in our Christian journey, let us hold on to these assurances from God's Word. We are not left to face our struggles alone, for Christ has overcome the world, and in Him, we too can be victorious.

These promises are not mere wishes; they are certain because of Christ's finished work on the cross.

Let us be encouraged to remain steadfast, relying on the strength and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. May we be overcomers in this world, shining as lights and heralding the good news of God's redemption to those around us.

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