How to Wholly Follow the Lord?

 Wholly Following the Lord: A Life of Wholehearted Devotion

As followers of the Lord, we are called to walk in a manner that reflects wholehearted devotion. The Scriptures provide us with valuable insights on how to wholly follow the Lord, embracing His guidance and promises in every aspect of our lives. Today, let's explore these principles as we strive to become faithful disciples who walk in His ways.

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I. Following the Lord with All Our Heart (Numbers 14:24)

The call to follow the Lord starts with a heart fully committed to Him. In Numbers 14:24, we learn that Caleb's wholehearted devotion earned him a special place in God's sight. To wholly follow the Lord means to surrender our desires, plans, and affections, allowing Him to shape every aspect of our lives.

II. Following the Lord All Our Days (Joshua 14:8-10)

Joshua's unwavering commitment to the Lord is a testament to following Him all our days. Joshua 14:8-10 speaks of how he continued to serve and obey God even in his old age. Wholly following the Lord requires a lifetime dedication, regardless of our circumstances or stage of life.

III. Following the Lord in All Circumstances (Numbers 13:33)

In Numbers 13:33, we see the contrast between the faith of Caleb and Joshua and the fear of the other spies. Wholly following the Lord involves trusting His promises even when circumstances seem overwhelming. It's a call to place our confidence in God's power rather than the challenges before us.

IV. Following by Keeping Our Eyes on the Lord (Numbers 13:30; 14:6-9)

Caleb's response in Numbers 13:30 and his plea in Numbers 14:6-9 reflect his focus on the Lord rather than the obstacles. To wholly follow the Lord, we must keep our eyes fixed on Him, acknowledging His sovereignty, grace, and faithfulness. This focus empowers us to overcome challenges and walk confidently in His path.

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V. Following for a Useful and Blessed Life (Numbers 13:2,6; 34:18-19; Deuteronomy 1:35-36)

The example of Caleb teaches us that wholly following the Lord leads to a useful and blessed life. Numbers 13:2, 6; 34:18-19 and Deuteronomy 1:35-36 highlight how Caleb's faithfulness resulted in a different destiny. When we wholly follow the Lord, He uses us for His purposes and showers us with His blessings.

How to Wholly Follow the Lord?

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Beloved, the call to wholly follow the Lord is a high and noble calling. It involves a heart that is fully surrendered, a lifetime of unwavering dedication, a trust that transcends circumstances, a focus on God's presence, and a commitment to a life of usefulness and blessing.

May we be inspired by the example of Caleb and the principles outlined in God's Word. Let us wholeheartedly follow the Lord in every sphere of our lives, allowing His guidance to shape our decisions, attitudes, and actions. As we embark on this journey of wholehearted devotion, let us anticipate the fulfillment of God's promises and the abundant blessings He has in store for those who wholly follow Him. 

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