Sermon on Mattew 6:33 Seek First the Kingdom of God

 Seek First the Kingdom of God

Let us gather in the spirit of worship and reflection as we delve into the profound wisdom found in the Gospel of Matthew. Our focus is on a timeless message that resonates through the ages: "Seek first the Kingdom of God." In Matthew 6:33, we discover a powerful call to align our priorities with the divine will, finding true purpose and fulfillment in the pursuit of God's Kingdom.

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I. Priority in Seeking the Kingdom of God: Matthew 6:33a

The words of Jesus echo through the ages, urging us to prioritize seeking the Kingdom of God above all else. In a world filled with distractions and competing priorities, how do we ensure that our pursuit of God's Kingdom remains our top priority? Let us explore the significance of this call and the transformative impact it can have on our lives.

II. The Nature of the Kingdom of God: Matthew 6:33a

To seek something, we must first understand its nature. What is the Kingdom of God? In exploring this question, we unravel the divine mysteries encapsulated in the teachings of Jesus. The Kingdom is not merely a physical place but a state of being, a realm where God reigns supreme. Delving into the nature of God's Kingdom provides us with a foundation for our pursuit.

III. The Call to Spiritual Priority: Matthew 6:33a

The call to seek the Kingdom is inherently a call to spiritual priority. In a world that often values material success and worldly achievements, Jesus challenges us to reorder our priorities and place God at the forefront of our lives. This section explores the spiritual significance of prioritizing the Kingdom and the impact it has on our daily choices.

IV. The Justice of God as a Reference: Matthew 6:33a

As we seek the Kingdom, we are called to align ourselves with the justice of God. God's justice becomes our reference point, guiding our actions and decisions. In a world marred by injustice, how can our pursuit of the Kingdom contribute to the establishment of God's justice on earth? Let us reflect on the transformative power of seeking a just and righteous Kingdom.

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V. Trust in Divine Provision: Matthew 6:33b

To seek the Kingdom is to trust in the divine provision of God. This trust extends beyond mere material needs, encompassing the spiritual and emotional aspects of our lives. How does prioritizing the Kingdom shape our trust in God's provision, and how does it free us from the anxieties that often accompany the uncertainties of life?

VI. Freedom from Anxiety through Priority Pursuit: Matthew 6:25-26

In seeking the Kingdom first, we find liberation from the burdens of anxiety. Jesus, in Matthew 6:25-26, reassures us of God's care for even the smallest details of our lives. This section explores the practical implications of prioritizing the Kingdom as a pathway to freedom from needless worry.

VII. The Warning Against Needless Worry: Matthew 6:27-30

Jesus, in His teachings, provides a clear warning against needless worry. How does worry hinder our pursuit of the Kingdom, and what are the spiritual dangers associated with allowing anxiety to take precedence in our lives? Let us heed the words of our Lord and find strength in prioritizing the eternal over the temporary.

VIII. The Quest for the Kingdom as a Source of Inner Peace: Matthew 6:31-32

In conclusion, the quest for the Kingdom is not a burden but a source of inner peace. Jesus, in Matthew 6:31-32, invites us to seek the Kingdom with confidence, knowing that our heavenly Father understands our needs. As we conclude our reflections, let us commit to embracing the transformative power of seeking first the Kingdom of God.

Sermon on Mattew 6:33  Seek First the Kingdom of God

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The call to "Seek first the Kingdom of God" is an enduring invitation to a life of purpose, justice, trust, and peace. May our hearts be stirred by this divine call, and may our lives reflect the radiant glory of God's Kingdom. As we journey together, let us prioritize the eternal over the temporal, trusting in the profound truth that, in seeking the Kingdom, we find not only purpose but the very heart of our Creator. 

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