Sermon on Isaiah 6:8 Here I am, send me

  "Here I am, send me: Responding to God's Call with Readiness and Perseverance"


The call of God is a profound and transformative experience that beckons us into His divine purposes. In Isaiah 6, we witness the prophet Isaiah's encounter with the holiness of God—a moment that forever altered his life. Today, let us explore the components of Isaiah's response to God's call and glean valuable insights on how we, too, can say, "Here I am, send me," with readiness and perseverance.

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I. The Vision of God's Holiness: Isaiah 6:1-3

Isaiah's response begins with a vision of God's holiness in Isaiah 6:1-3. The seraphim declare God's transcendent glory, revealing the majesty and purity that leave Isaiah in awe. A true understanding of God's holiness is foundational to our readiness and willingness to respond to His call.

II. Awareness of One's Unworthiness: Isaiah 6:5

In the presence of God's holiness, Isaiah becomes acutely aware of his own unworthiness in Isaiah 6:5. This awareness is a crucial step in responding to God's call. It humbles us, leading to repentance and a recognition of our need for divine grace.

III. Divine Purification: Isaiah 6:6-7

God's response to Isaiah's confession of unworthiness is a divine purification in Isaiah 6:6-7. The burning coal symbolizes the purifying work of God, cleansing Isaiah and preparing him for the sacred task ahead. This purification is essential for anyone responding to God's call.

IV. The Ready Response to God’s Call: Isaiah 6:8

Isaiah's readiness to respond to God's call is expressed in the resounding words, "Here I am, send me" (Isaiah 6:8). This ready response reflects a heart yielded to God's will, demonstrating the importance of our willingness to be sent by God into His service.

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V. Availability for Service: Isaiah 6:8

"Here I am" signifies more than mere presence; it implies availability for service. Isaiah positions himself to be used by God, emphasizing the readiness to go wherever God leads. Availability is a key factor in responding to God's call.

VI. Acceptance of the Divine Challenge: Isaiah 6:8

Isaiah not only offers himself for service but also accepts the divine challenge presented in Isaiah 6:8. God's call often involves challenges, and our response should mirror Isaiah's willingness to embrace the mission, trusting in God's guidance and strength.

VII. The Mission to Proclaim the Word of God: Isaiah 6:9

God commissions Isaiah with a specific mission—to proclaim the Word of God (Isaiah 6:9). Responding to God's call involves a commitment to share His truth with boldness, despite potential challenges and opposition.

VIII. Persistence in the Message Despite Rejection: Isaiah 6:10

Isaiah's obedience leads to a challenging reality—persistent rejection of his message (Isaiah 6:10). Responding to God's call often requires perseverance, as Isaiah models for us in continuing to proclaim the message even in the face of resistance.

IX. The Promise of Perseverance and Redemption: Isaiah 6:13

In the midst of difficulty, Isaiah receives a promise of perseverance and redemption in Isaiah 6:13. This assurance reminds us that God sustains those who respond to His call with faithfulness, and He brings about ultimate redemption in His time.

Sermon on Isaiah 6:8 Here I am, send me

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As we reflect on Isaiah's response to God's call, may we be inspired to approach our own divine encounters with a humble awareness of God's holiness. Like Isaiah, let us embrace purification, readiness, and availability for service. May we accept the divine challenges presented to us, persist in proclaiming God's Word, and find comfort in the promise of perseverance and ultimate redemption. In saying, "Here I am, send me," may our hearts echo the response that aligns us with God's transformative purposes. May our lives be testimonies of readiness and perseverance in the service of our Lord.

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