Sermon on You Are the Salt of the Earth Matthew 5:13

 Sermon on You Are the Salt of the Earth Matthew 5:13

Salt Preserves – It is often used to preserve meat from decay. It works as a preservative.  Salt Penetrates – It has the natural ability to penetrate whatever it touches.   Salt Purifies – It is often used to purify or cleanse. II Ki.2:20-22  Salt Promotes Thirst – It will create a thirst for water when it is consumed.  Salt Produces Change – It has the ability to change things (food, melt ice, rust metal,etc.). Once salt has been added, it immediately begins to react.  Salt Provides Flavor – Once added to a substance, salt enhances its flavor. 

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1: Call to Influence and Transformation (Matthew 5:13)

Jesus calls us to be influencers in the world, agents of transformation who bring about positive change through our words, actions, and character. As salt, we have the capacity to impact our surroundings and bring out the best in those around us.

2: Preservation and Conservation in Society (Matthew 5:13a)

Salt serves as a preservative, preventing decay and spoilage. Similarly, as followers of Christ, we are called to uphold moral values, defend righteousness, and preserve the integrity of society amidst moral decay.

3: The Need to Maintain Distinction and Purity (Matthew 5:13b)

Salt loses its effectiveness when it becomes contaminated or diluted. Likewise, we are called to maintain our distinctiveness as believers, living lives of holiness, purity, and righteousness that stand in stark contrast to the values of the world.

4: The Believer's Role in Preventing Moral Corruption (Matthew 5:13b)

By embodying Christlike values and principles, we serve as a moral compass in society, challenging injustice, oppression, and moral corruption. Our influence can help steer others towards the path of righteousness and truth.

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5: The Ability to Give Flavor and Meaning to Life (Matthew 5:13a)

Salt not only preserves but also enhances the flavor of food, making it more enjoyable and satisfying. Similarly, our presence in the world should bring flavor and richness to life, infusing it with love, compassion, joy, and hope.

6: The Importance of Christian Influence in Society (Matthew 5:13a)

As salt, we are called to exert a positive influence in every sphere of society, including our families, workplaces, communities, and beyond. Our actions and attitudes should reflect the love and grace of Christ, drawing others to Him.

7: The Responsibility to Be Different and Impactful (Matthew 5:13a)

To fulfill our calling as salt, we must embrace our uniqueness as followers of Christ and boldly live out our faith in a world that often opposes it. Our distinctiveness should be a source of inspiration and encouragement to those around us.

8: The Warning Against Loss of Spiritual Relevance (Matthew 5:13b)

Jesus warns against the danger of losing our saltiness, of becoming ineffective and irrelevant in our witness and testimony. We must guard against complacency, compromise, and spiritual apathy that can diminish our impact for the kingdom.

9: The Fate of Tasteless Salt (Matthew 5:13c)

Salt that has lost its flavor is worthless and thrown out. Similarly, if we fail to fulfill our role as salt in the earth, we risk losing our effectiveness and significance in advancing God's purposes. Let us heed Jesus' warning and remain faithful in our calling.

Sermon on You Are the Salt of the Earth Matthew 5:13
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As we conclude, let us remember that being the salt of the earth is not merely a metaphorical concept but a sacred responsibility entrusted to us by our Lord. May we embrace our role with humility, courage, and conviction, knowing that our influence can bring about profound transformation in the world. Let us commit ourselves afresh to live as salt, preserving, flavoring, and illuminating the world with the love and truth of Christ.

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