Sermon about Blessed: How to Be Blessed Matthew 5:1-12

The Depending on God leads to a rich experience of life (Mt 5:3) and Admitting our needs leads to receiving God’s comfort (Mt 5:4).

Sermon about Blessed: How to Be Blessed Matthew 5:1-12

1. How to Be Blessed in the Beatitudes

Recite Matthew 5:1-12.

How can you get blessed in life? How can you experience a rich experience of life? I mean a richness that goes beyond money into a full satisfaction with life—how do we get that?

Wanting a life of genuine blessing is something people have wanted for as long as individuals have been on earth. It certainly was desired in the time of Christ.

Today we’ll see the results of believing in Christ, followed by what to do about these results.

(So how can you get blessed in life? It is found by faith or trust in God. In other words…)


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2. You get blessed by believing (5:1-11)!

A pure lifestyle results in seeing God in our lives today (5:8).  Cristian lifestyle in Jesus can bring mental, physical, and emotional well-down. It promotes mental wellness since it avoids all kinds of unhealthy physical and emotional addictions. It strengthens the mind by keeping it away from negative influences such as drugs and alcohol. It also keeps you away from emotional troubles such . 

Making peace with others enables us to be God’s channel (5:9). Apart from these advantages, living a pure lifestyle promotes the gospel and encourage willingness to love others. Showing mercy to others leads to receiving mercy from God (5:7).

Showing mercy to others leads to receiving mercy from God (5:7).

3. Show joy over your heavenly reward (5:12a).

Be glad to suffer for Christ (5:12)!

Identify with persecuted OT prophets (5:12b).

(How can we sum up the way to be blessed in 5:1-12?)

Taking up such a path early in your cristian life can provide you with opportunities to learn about the best way to live your life according to Bible. This will strengthen your willpower in making correct choices every day without being influenced or pushed into sin behavior by society’s norms or friends pressure. 

This can lead to deeper thinks into your true nature spiritual: born again in Jesus. 

Humility now brings honor in the millennial kingdom (5:5). You’ll be able to identify the Kingdom of God in your life maintaining a spiritual lifestyle also encourages ethical cristian behavior, moral values and all these will help you prioritize Jesus what is truly important in your life and make good decisions based on your wisdom. Holiness gives a deep satisfaction in life (5:6).

Sermon about Blessed: How to Be Blessed  Matthew 5:1-12

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Believer attitudes bring blessing (Main Idea).

  • When Jesus is King in your life, then…
  • You get blessed by believing (5:1-11).
  • So be glad to suffer for Christ (5:12).

Which one of the Beatitude character qualities do you lack most?

How can you grow in that area?

How can you better identify with persecuted believers?

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