Sermon About Peace: Peace in All Situations Philippians 4

Philippians 4

Sermon About Peace: Peace in All Situations

Some people experience genuine peace, despite their circumstances.

Strong feelings of love and compassion are essential for a peaceful heart. When a person has a peaceful heart, that person is at peace with themselves and at peace with others.

Interesting facts about the word “peace” in the Bible. Hebrew word is “Shalom”: Means- well, safe, happy, favor, prosperity, welcome, salute, friendly, good health, wholly, perfect, completed. Jerusalem- Foundation of Peace. 

But the meaning of peace in the Bible is far more complex than we realize. It is not just the absence of turmoil and conflict. It also advocates the idea of positive blessings.

It is the idea that all is well in one’s life. This isn’t just a subjective feeling but an objective reality.

Do you experience peace and contentment today?

After salvation, how do you have continued peace with God and man?

1. Peace of Christ

We’re going to see how Paul was content, then how we can do it too. We’ll focus on Paul’s final verses of Philippians, beginning in 4:10.

Peace of mind can’t be maintained without a healthy heart. For example, Jesus reminded his disciples to pray (act 5:9). The Holy Spirit is God’s gift to all believers, and He inspires us with sincere love and compassion.

Paul learned that continual peace comes from finding contentment in Christ (4:10-20).

  • A.He praised God that their gift showed renewed concern for him now that they could give again (4:10).
  • B.Paul’s contentment was unrelated to the gift since Christ enabled him to live above the circumstances (4:11-13).
  • C.The Philippians eased Paul’s difficulties once again, just as they did when he preached in Macedonia (4:14-16).
  • D.His real concern was not the money itself, but that the church would experience God’s faithful provisions when they were faithful (4:17-20).

Have loving thoughts with outhers people source of peace in the heart. Jesus taught that anyone who has ever prayed should be blessed (Luke 18:19). A peaceful heart comes from knowing that we have the favor of God and have been blessed for Him. 


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2. Peace and attitude

When we base our minds on our faith we have a greater capacity for hopeness and inner peace. By contrast, when our minds are in discord — such as worrying about an upcoming test or doubt about our faith — we lose out on peace of mind.

Peace and contentment comes from our attitude.

  • A.Peace and contentment doesn’t come from money.
  • B.Can you say with Paul, “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances”? Why? or why not?
Emotions such as anger or emptiness can make us vulnerable to unhealthy behaviors such as substance abuse or reckless driving. Without peace of mind, we can be at odds with with the teachings of Christ and less capable of finding inner peace.

However, as is the case with most virtues, we do not magically become thankful. Thankfulness is a spiritual discipline and habit we need to cultivate and deliberately incorporate into our lives. We need to practice gratefulness.

Pray Without Ceasing. Seize prayer… seize peace and happiness. Place concerns into God’s hands (Phil. 4:6, 7). God’s prescription!

Sermon About Peace: Peace in All Situations Philippians 4

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Peace Is God’s Desire. Peace with God comes through Jesus. Peace with our neighbor is the will of God
Romans 12:18  If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.

Peace in every situation comes from seeking the attitude of Christ (M.I.).

Are you seeking Christ’s attitude—“Whatever It Takes”?

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