Sermon about Relational Harmony Matthew 5:21-26

Matthew 5:21-26

Relational HarmonyMatthew 5:21-26

We often think that God cares more about our relationship with Him than how we relate to others. Is that true?

Which is more important to you—your vertical or horizontal relationships?

How can you sustain great relationships?

The Pharisees thought it good enough to care only for the vertical dimension with God in their lives.

1. Relational Harmony: How are you doing with your anger?

Friendships are critical to life. Everyone needs a sense of connection to other people; friendship creates a sense of family and keeps us in relations. However, friendships can anger sour if one person is hostile toward others. 

If you curse others, you deserve hell? (22c).

How are you doing with your anger?

God will judge you for anger (22a).

While anger is common in friendships, anger between friends must be carefully managed. Anger that causes murder hurts you the most (22).

You’ll have an opportunity to build a strong character that is naturally inclined towards other and compassion for others. Essentially, by adopting a cristian lifestyle early on in life, it is possible for you to become like Jesus Sayed.

Friendships are difficult to maintain when one party is constantly angry and abusive toward their peers.


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Watch your worship (23-24).

We go to someone and relate with him/ her with an intentional focus to save him/ her. We must not be distracted, neither be diverted. Luke 10:4

We must focus on the mission that we want to accomplish by willing to pay the price at any cost, eg. The story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman (John 4)

You can try to worship God but then recall that you hurt someone (23).

Reconciling with that person enables you to worship (24).

2. Relational Harmony How can you sustain great relationships?

People will naturally open up around you once you show an interest in learning about them and sharing about yourself. People will naturally reciprocate by being willing to speak openly with you as well— allowing for better friendships between all involved. 

Talk about Jesus. 

People build friendships based on what they give— so do your part so everyone in your life will be happy and healthy!

When we look out for others first, we enter into God’s realm. This is the way Jesus lived and reflects the highest form of human interaction: love for others before love for self. For our sake He became poor so we could become rich (2 Cor. 8:9).

Chances are you won’t actually have to give your life in self-sacrifice for others as Jesus did. So how does message apply to us? visit the sick in their affliction,  wherever there is a need,  meet it, to the point of great personal sacrifice, love, humility, caring and willingness to serve – in spite of His own personal concerns

JESUS healed the sick = Jesus met the people felt needs Luke 10:9

Whether it is physical, spiritual, emotional, relational or financial needs, we must understand and meet the people felt needs.

Love is more than a feeling but also a behaviour or action. We must demonstrate out love to those who do not know Christ.

Be sensitive to someone else’s needs and putting them ahead of your own. Make sure that you did not make people feel guilty of their needs.

Pay your debts quickly before you go to court (25a).  If you don’t prioritize people, you can lose your freedom (25b).  If you don’t prioritize people, you can lose your money (26).

Sermon about  Relational Harmony Matthew 5:21-26

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Make God and people your highest priorities (MI).

We’ll have great relationships when we manage our anger, worship, and money (MPs).

Exhortation: How are your relationships?

  • How’s your anger (21)?
  • How do you speak of others (22-23)?
  • How can you prioritize people in worship (24-25)?
  • How can you better manage your money (25-26)?
  • How is your relationship with Jesus?


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