Sermon About Prayer: Praying Like Jesus John 17

John 17

Praying in the name of Jesus means that when we pray, we pray as if it were Jesus Himself praying. We have often asked ourselves the question: (What Would Jesus Do?) But when we pray, we must ask ourselves the question: “how would Jesus pray.”

Which means that we need to observe and emulate His pattern of prayer. How can we pray like Jesus?

Sermon About Prayer: Praying Like Jesus John 17

1. God’s will be done

In the prayer Jesus taught His disciples (Matt. 6:9-13), His first request was “Thy kingdom come,” followed closely by the second: “Thy will be done.” The prayer contains requests for personal needs to be met, but it puts God’s priorities first. Therefore, we need to pray in the manner Jesus taught, always putting God’s will first.

In John 17 the night before he died, Jesus prayed the real Lord’s prayer. This chapter will show us three things to pray for. The first way to pray like Jesus is to…

Pray that you will glorify God by fulfilling his calling for you (17:1-5).

Jesus prayed that God would glorify him in his upcoming death (17:1-5).

Ask God to honor himself as you fulfill his calling for you.


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2. Jesus prayed for His disciples and us

Pray for those you influence to be protected and holy (17:6-19).

A.Jesus prayed for His disciples to be protected and holy (17:6-19).

B.Pray for God’s protection and purity for those you influence.

Jesus Prays For Those Who Will Believe In Him 20-23

Jesus is not praying for His disciples only 20a. In 17:6-19 Jesus prayed for His disciples, specifically Peter, James,…Now He is extending that prayer.  Jesus prayed for you. Humbling, overwhelming, inspiring. Jesus is praying for those who will believe in Him through their word 20b

Belief in Jesus – faith is a necessity, J 1:12; 3:15,16

Through their word – after the resurrection. The oral word – Acts 2. The written word – the New Testament, written by or under an apostle. We need to share the word for to believe Ro 109-17

3. Pray for all believers to be a united witness to the world (17:20-26).

A.Unity produces more believers who can fellowship with God (20-23).

Jesus prayed for unity 21-23 unity a witness of Jesus to the world. That they all be one  the model of The Father and the Son 21. That the world would believe the Father sent the Son

The all here must include the ‘12’ and those who would believe. So the world would see the unity of the believers Jesus sent by God

That th glory given to Jesus [by the Father] He gave to them would produce unity 22. Glory here is the glory Jesus had in the incarnation J 1:14

That the unity would be perfect and mature 23. That the world would know that the Father sent the Son. That the world know Father loved the world as He loved His Son. 

 We’ll be united in heaven forever—so we might as well agree now (24).

 Unity shows God’s love to unbelievers so they can know Him (25-26).

Sermon About Prayer: Praying Like Jesus John 17

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Why pray like Jesus for yourself, for those you influence, and for believers everywhere? To keep an outward focus! (MI).

Each thing Christ prayed for had an outward focus:

  • a)Pray that you will fulfill God’s calling for you not for your personal fulfillment but for the good of others.
  • b)Pray that those you influence will be protected and holy so they can be all God wants them to be.
  • c)Pray for unity for all Christians so we can reach the world for Christ.


Crossroads International Church Dr. Rick Griffith 16 January 2011 Message #24

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John 3:16: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (NVI)