Sermon About Evangelism: Why Evangelism?

Sermon About Evangelism: Why Evangelism?

Evangelism, What Is It?According Aaron Baker The Greek word for “Gospel” is (euaggelion) EUANGELION – Mt 9:35; Mark 1:1;a. To Anglicize the Greek word would make it read, “evangel”b. Therefore, an “Evangelist” is a person who preaches or teaches the “Gospel”

  • i. As with Philip the Evangelist - Acts 21:8
  • ii. As with Timothy who was to do the work of an Evangelist – 2 Tim 4:5
  • iii. Evangelists (euaggelisthv) were given to build up the body of Christ – Eph 4:11

1. Because Evangelism

Making known the good news - Matt 1:21, Acts 2:22-36b. Making Jesus known in His fullness.c. Making Jesus known with definite purpose - Matt 28:18-20

  • ▪To make disciples.
  • ▪To evangelise
  • ▪To teach.


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2. Evangelism: Share the GospelRomans 6:23

Share the gospel whenever you can and trust God with the results. Always invite someone to respond afterhearing the gospel.

• The more we think about the gospel, the more readily we can help others think about it.

How do you share the gospel? You can share the gospel however you want to and suites the occasion. The keyis always to be ready.

• Pray for your friends to receive the gospel and respond in faith.

• Always conclude by inviting the people to make a decision to repent and trust Christ.

• There are many effective tools. Find one you like and use it


3. Evangelism Through Daily Contacts

Four daily contacts stories of Jesus:

  • Embraced the children- Luke 18:15-17
  • Educated a rich man- Luke 18:18-30
  • Emancipated a blind man- Luke 18:35-43
  • Encouraged a sinner- Luke 19:1-10

There was a lesson in everyone of those stories to be learned. And everyone of those lessons learned came as a result of being “good on the go!”

Sermon About Evangelism: Why Evangelism?

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This is the purpose of all true evangelism. Evangelism is evangelism in every possible way so that every possible person has the opportunity to believe and be saved. This concept of human loss becomes clear in Romans: In Romans 1-3, the apostle presents the eternal truth that without Jesus, all human beings are lost.

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