Sermon on Zechariah 3 - Cleansed and Renewed

 Cleansed and Renewed: The Vision of High Priest Joshua


We delve into the powerful vision of the high priest Joshua as recorded in the book of Zechariah. This vision serves as a profound reminder of God's mercy, forgiveness, and transformative power in our lives. Let us explore together the significance of Joshua's unclean garment, Satan's accusation, the promise of cleansing and renewal, and the call to walk in God's ways.

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1: Joshua's Unclean Garment (Zechariah 3:3a)

In the vision, Joshua, the high priest, is seen wearing filthy garments, symbolizing the spiritual defilement and sinfulness of God's people. Just as Joshua's unclean garment represents the sin that separates us from God, we too often find ourselves clothed in the filth of our transgressions, unable to stand before the holiness of God.

2: Satan's Accusation Against Joshua (Zechariah 3:2)

Satan stands before the angel of the Lord to accuse Joshua, highlighting his unworthiness and sinfulness. Similarly, Satan seeks to accuse and condemn us before God, reminding us of our failures and shortcomings. Yet, in the midst of Satan's accusations, God's grace shines forth, offering hope and redemption to the repentant heart.

3: The Promise of Cleansing and Renewal (Zechariah 3:4)

Despite Joshua's uncleanliness and Satan's accusations, the angel of the Lord commands that Joshua's filthy garments be removed and replaced with clean robes. This act symbolizes God's promise of forgiveness, cleansing, and renewal for His people. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, we are cleansed from all sin and made new in Him.

4: The Change of Clothing as a Symbol of Forgiveness and Restoration (Zechariah 3:5)

As Joshua's filthy garments are removed and replaced with clean robes, he is restored to his position as high priest. This powerful imagery illustrates God's desire to forgive, restore, and empower His people to serve Him faithfully. Through His grace, we are clothed in righteousness and given a new identity in Christ.

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5: The Call to Walk in the Ways of God (Zechariah 3:7)

Following his cleansing and restoration, Joshua is given a charge to walk in God's ways and keep His commandments. Similarly, as recipients of God's mercy and grace, we are called to live lives of holiness, obedience, and service to God. Let us heed the call to walk in the paths of righteousness, guided by His Word and empowered by His Spirit.

6: The Call to Serve as a Sign and Testimony (Zechariah 3:8)

Joshua is promised that if he walks in obedience, he will serve as a sign and testimony of God's faithfulness and grace. Likewise, as God's redeemed people, our lives serve as a testimony to His saving power and transformative work. Let us strive to live in such a way that others may see Christ in us and be drawn to Him.

7: The Promise of the Coming Renewal (Zechariah 3:9)

The vision concludes with the promise of the coming renewal of God's people, symbolized by the stone laid before Joshua. This stone represents the Messiah, who brings ultimate restoration and salvation to all who believe. As we await the fulfillment of this promise, let us hold fast to our hope in Christ and eagerly anticipate His glorious return.

Sermon on Zechariah 3 - Cleansed and Renewed

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As we reflect on the vision of High Priest Joshua, may we be reminded of God's unfailing love, mercy, and grace toward His people. Just as Joshua was cleansed, renewed, and empowered to serve God faithfully, may we too experience the transformative power of God's forgiveness and restoration in our lives. Let us walk in obedience, clothed in the righteousness of Christ, and testify to His saving grace to a world in need.

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