Sermon About Leadership: Solve the growth

Problem Solved—By YOU!Acts 6:1-7

Internal issues can hinder our growth. What should we do as a church to accommodate growth?

How should we solve the growth issues we face?

The role of a leader has been studied and debated for centuries. Some believe that the role of a leader is essential for a group's good,, one must be a good leader to achieve the good of the group. A leader must be altruistic, possess the ability to balance responsibility with compassion, and be able to inspire others. A leader can achieve the good of the group by being a good leader.

1. The apostles solved a food problem caused growth by designating lay leaders (6:1-7).

The blessing of God on the Jerusalem church caused it to grow (1a).

But the growing church had a food distribution problem (1b).

Money was given to take care of those in need (4:34-35).

However, Hebrew-speaking widows got more food than Greek-speaking widows.

The apostles solved the growth problem by appointing lay leaders (2-7).

  • The apostles proposed a plan to choose lay leaders (2-4).
  • The apostles from Galilee called a public meeting of the locals (2a).
  • They shared their priority of teaching over administration (2b).
  • They asked the locals to choose seven respected administrators (3a).
  • They committed in advance to appoint those selected (3b).
  • The reaffirmed their commitment to teaching and prayer (4).
Leaders of the church: Overseers (episkopos). Means a superintendent.
An officer in general charge of the church. Same word as bishop that is used in I Tim. 3:1
Acts 20:28 Pastors- (same word as shepherd)- (poimen)
Supervise, feed, rule. Eph. 4:11. Used in John 20:16 and Acts 20:28 when Peter and the elders are told to feed the sheep (flock).


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2. The church followed the Leaders (5-6).

Leaders must be able to inspire others through charisma and Bible. A leader with charisma and Holy Spirit is able to easily attract people and inspire others to follow his or her lead. 

  • Everyone liked the idea (5a).
  • They chose seven Greek-speakers to lead the food issues (5b).
  • The apostles appointed “The Seven” to the task (6).
  • God blessed the result (7).
  • God’s word continued to spread (7a).
  • The Jerusalem church grew instead of splitting (7b).
  • Many Jewish priests trusted Christ (7c).

(So what is the main principle here?)

The worldly solution is to put more work on less people.

God’s solution is more leaders to spread the blessing to more people.

(And how does this passage relate specifically to us?)

Elders in Jerusalem church received aid from Antioch. Acts 11:30. Elders were appointed to every church. Acts 14:23

Transition taking place in Jerusalem. Apostles and elders are making decisions. Acts 15:2,4,6,22,23; 16:4. Paul called the elders of Miletus Acts 20:17

3. We must appoint more leaders to handle our growth 

Leaders must also be compassionate; they must understand the feelings and needs of their people. A leader with compassion can easily identify the needs of the group and address them.

Similarly, not all citizens of the kingdom of God choose to answer the call to ministry. The Lord our Commander would love to have us all in His army, but there is no draft. He puts out the call and we volunteer.

Some believe that since the Christian army is a volunteer army, each soldier has the privilege of serving according to his or her own personal desires, stipulations and convictions. “This is what I’ll do (or not do). Or: “I will follow the commands I understand and agree with.”

However, every army, corporation, educational institution, sports team or church has a “chain of command”, a structure, an organizational chart, a hierarchy.

God chose Elijah’s successor (1 Kings 19:16). Church selects elders (1 Timothy 3:10; Titus 1:5-9)

Are we encouraging our young men to be leaders? Are we encouraging young women to be elder’s wives?

We need more leaders of ministries.

Leadership: Solve the growth

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The solution to church growth problems is more lay leaders (Main Idea).

The passage teaches some great leadership principles.

  • Choose leaders closest to the issues and trust them.
  • Have the people choose leaders they already respect.
  • Character is more important than experience or ability.
  • Church leaders must prioritize teaching and prayer.

What to do?

  • Consider how God allows problems in your life for your growth.
  • Ask God what role he wants you to play in this church.
  • Prioritize the word and prayer in your own life.
  • Attend our Loving Christ’s Church class by Pastor Jim.


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