Sermon about Commitment to God Mt. 10:32-33

Why You Should Commit to God?

Is your faith and commitment strong enough that you would confess Jesus even if it meant your life? Mt. 10:32-33 .

We will have no commitment to someone without having faith in them. We must TRUST someone to have faith in them. We must have faith and trust in someone to be committed to them. God cannot lie, Heb. 6:18.

We gain our commitment to God because we know Him. We must grow in the grace and in the knowledge of God. 2 Peter 3:18.

Scripture makes it clear that God is calling each of us to a life of deeper faith, prayer and discipleship. It’s not always easy to hear His call amidst the noise of daily life or when we struggle with doubt. But if you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you already sense the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart about dedicating yourself to God and becoming a disciple. If you’re ready to make this commitment, here are three reasons why you should commit to God:

1.You’ll find more joy in life.

Spiritual disciplines like biblical meditation, fasting, and prayer bring joy and freedom to the soul. These practices are designed to help us focus our attention on God and His presence, rather than the daily pressures of life. And as you grow more accustomed to experiencing God’s presence, you’ll be much better equipped to handle life’s challenges and disappointments. You’ll be able to respond to life’s difficulties with greater wisdom, peace, and joy.

 Commit During trying circunstances:

  • In the book of Job, Job’s faith was tried more than once. Job didn’t blame God!
  • After Job lost his ten children and his possessions, Job’s wife said in Job 2:9 NKJV, “…Curse God and die.”
  • In Job 2:10, Job said that to his wife, “...You speak as one of the foolish women speaks.”
  • Job’s faith equaled his commitment to God!


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2. You’ll be more effective at helping others.

Put your hand to the plow and do not look back. That is commitment. Luke 9:62. God wants us to “look forward” not “backwards”. Eternity is ahead of us. It is not behind us!

Remember Lot’s wife? Luke 17:32. She turned to a pillar of salt in Gen. 19:26.

As your relationship with God progresses, you’ll find yourself becoming more sensitive to the needs of others. You’ll develop an increased capacity to love others, and to serve them with a sincere heart. A strong, daily relationship with God brings out the servant-leader in each of us, and trains us to walk in love and humility. As you walk out your call to discipleship, you’ll find yourself better equipped to lead others to Christ. You’ll possess a vision for others that only comes as a result of spending time with God. And you’ll develop relationships with people that are rooted in love, not mere words. As you cultivate a deep relationship with God, you’ll find yourself better equipped to help others find true freedom.

3. God will use you to bring about incredible change.

As you commit to a life of discipleship, you’ll find that God will use you to bring about change in His people, in your community, and in your world. You’ll find yourself being used by God to bring about change in other people’s lives, even if you’re not sure how or why. This happens as you walk out your call to discipleship and engage in spiritual disciplines like biblical meditation, fasting, and prayer. As you develop a daily relationship with God through these disciplines, you become more sensitive to His guidance and direction. With God’s help, you’ll find yourself equipped to bring change to those around you. And with God’s help, you’ll find yourself equipped to bring change to your own life, too.

Sermon about Commitment to God Mt. 10:32-33

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A final word: Commitment is the only way to find certainty.

Even though we have never seen God, God expects our commitment to Him. God wants our faith to equal our commitment. That doesn’t happen over night. Our faith comes by hearing God’s word. Rom. 10:17.

Our commitment to God comes as a result of our hearing and obeying God’s word.

So often in life, we look for certainty in the wrong places. We try to find it in our relationships, in our job, or in other people. We try to find it in money, in material goods, and in our abilities. But the only place we can find real, lasting certainty is in God. When we commit ourselves to a life of discipleship, we are asking God to help us find certainty in His presence. As you commit yourself to a life of discipleship, you’ll find yourself growing in your confidence and certainty in God’s love for you. You’ll know with certainty that God loves you and that He has a purpose for your life. You’ll find certainty in God’s presence, and you’ll find certainty in His ability to use you to bring about change in the world.

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